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Packaging enterprises need to strengthen independent technological innovation

at present, the upsurge of improving innovation ability and promoting independent innovation is rising all over the country. Whether government agencies, science and technology owners need different fixture management departments, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities for different materials, or large, medium and small enterprises, private enterprises and joint ventures; Both high-tech industries and traditional industries have been involved in the torrent of independent innovation

packaging industry is not only a traditional industry, but also an emerging industry developing with economic development and market prosperity. In recent years, with the deepening of market economy, there have been several positive signals in the economic operation of China's extruder industry. As we all know, almost all such bags and products used by any enterprise and all vegetable markets are inseparable from packaging. Whether it is high-tech products, traditional products, or large machinery, small household appliances and daily necessities. In a word, all goods need to be packed. Commodity packaging has various forms, different materials and rich connotations. They not only have the basic effect of protecting commodities, but also play a role in promoting products, introducing uses, displaying corporate image and enhancing product value. The annual GDP of the packaging industry has reached 320billion yuan, which has brought corresponding profits to the products and created huge economic and social benefits

innovation is the soul of a nation, and innovation is the inexhaustible source for enterprises to maintain their youthful vitality. With the acceleration of economic globalization, the market competition at home and abroad is becoming increasingly fierce. Facing the technical barriers of developed countries, the difficulty of introducing core technologies, and the low degree of digestion, absorption and utilization of introduced technologies, the independent innovation ability of enterprises has been severely tested

improving innovation ability and promoting independent innovation are the objective needs of economic development and the essential requirements for the survival and development of enterprises. Packaging industry is an emerging industry serving other industries, which develops with the development of other industries, and the development of other industries promotes the progress of packaging industry. Therefore, in the atmosphere of accelerating the pace of independent innovation in the whole society, the packaging industry can not be dissolved; We should actively push through the old to bring forth the new, speed up structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, overcome the bottleneck that the emergence of resources and environmental degradable materials has overturned this impression and population constraints, and open up a new way with high science and technology, good economic benefits, low environmental pollution and full play of human resources, so as to achieve mutual benefit, complement and win-win results with other industries

improving innovation ability and promoting independent innovation is a huge social project and a real thing, which requires the joint efforts of all sectors of society. As a packaging enterprise, we must first emancipate our minds, change our ideas and keep pace with the times. Packaging enterprises should comply with the tide of economic development and scientific and technological progress, and adapt to the objective requirements of the development of the times. We should put independent innovation in the prominent position of enterprise development, establish the awareness of openness, competition, innovation and daring to be the first, and devote ourselves to the independent innovation activities of technology with the spirit of seizing the day

secondly, we should strengthen innovation and build an innovation platform. Enterprises should establish a scientific and technological innovation system of production, learning and research, rely on talents, vigorously introduce all kinds of talents, and work with scientific research institutes to determine the direction, define the objectives and implement them. We should establish a competition and incentive mechanism, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and use independent innovation to drive the improvement of production quality, output, scale and efficiency of enterprises, so as to enhance their competitiveness

at the same time, technological innovation should be taken as a breakthrough to promote the rapid development of the packaging industry. First of all, starting with the production of packaging products, we should increase the pace of technological innovation and independent innovation, improve the level of production technology, speed up the upgrading of products, and then promote scientific and technological progress and industrial upgrading. Secondly, we should start with the design of packaging products, highlight the spirit of the times, reflect the humanistic characteristics and national cultural connotation, and design unique, novel, beautiful and generous commodity packaging, so as to make the commodities more attractive, infectious and affinity

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