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US packaging enterprises expect to survive 2009 through adjustment news from Akron City, Ohio: Although the packaging industry will not fall to the bottom in 2009, enterprises in poor condition will still have a difficult time in the new year

a number of analysts and consultants interviewed by plastics recently said that although packaging is an anti recession field for plastic processors, enterprises must still move forward carefully

cranialcapitalinc Timburns, a research analyst of the company, said in an interview on December 1 and then coated with a blend of graphite and butter on December 7 that enterprises that can create value in the depression will survive the recession. This is really a very difficult thing

Burns is optimistic about those enterprises with good financial conditions, great innovation, high market share and anti recession in the final market, especially those industries with stable consumer demand, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and household cleaning products, rather than the struggling automobile and construction industries

he said: if you produce clamshell packaging for drill bits, who cares? But if your clam box is used to hold medical products, that's no problem

cynthiawerneth, a credit analyst at standard & Poor's in New York, also believes that the packaging industry can withstand the impact of the recession to a large extent. However, she mentioned that a number of powerful companies, including aepindustriesinc., headquartered in southhackensack, New Jersey, may be in trouble in the next 12 months Averydennisoncorp. in Pasadena, California, USA And sealedaircorp. in elmwoodpark, N.J Recently, the credit rating of these companies in S & P has declined

recently, she said in an interview: by the end of 2009, we will make a prospect for 2010. If there are still many problems in the credit market and credit access, especially in the low rated enterprises, then we may be downgraded again

werneth said that it seems that 2009 will not be a disaster for the final packaging market. Despite the global economic crisis, consumers will no longer drink bottled water but tap water. In addition, with the launch of the enterprise sustainability plan, for example, Wal Mart strives to reduce packaging by 5% by 2013. She said that on the whole, the reduction of raw material costs will make packaging enterprises breathe a little in 2009, but the cost of this part of plastic resin is likely to fluctuate

cherylperkins, President of innovationedge, a management consulting firm headquartered in Neenah, Wisconsin, agreed that the decline in resin prices at the beginning of this year may make some plastic companies consider postponing plans to invest more R & D funds in sustainable projects

she said: no one would say that they should not innovate, and they should innovate in a sustainable way. But the question is, in the short term, based on their quarterly performance bottom line, can they find a way to achieve a win-win situation? Perkins said that if the recession continues into the second half of this year, expanding the commercialization of bioplastics will turn into a disaster

burn has pointed out the impact of the economic crisis on the sustainability plan. He said that the current situation reminded him of the recession in the late 1970s, when the oil price was still high, and many enterprises talked about how to improve efficiency. However, when the economy recovered in the 1980s, everything returned to the old way

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