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Packaging Competition improves the level of Shunyi agricultural products on September 20, Shunyi District held a packaging competition for brand agricultural products, and more than 100 kinds of agricultural products with unique packaging, such as Huiyuan Juice, shunlixin and Pengcheng, were "on the stage" one after another. It is understood that the evaluation involved 102 packaging designs of 45 agricultural enterprises, covering the processing of grain, vegetables, beverages, meat and other foods, reaching about RMB 800million

in recent years, Shunyi District has made great efforts to implement agricultural standardized production, the quality of agricultural products has been greatly improved, agricultural leading enterprises and agricultural product distribution enterprises have been growing, and gradually formed a series of well-known agricultural products brands, such as "Huiyuan", "Pengcheng" and "Shunxin", which have become the backbone of Shandong new material industry. The competition aims to accelerate the development of urban modern agriculture in the region, implement the brand strategy of agricultural products, and make enterprises realize that product packaging can not only improve product quality and economic benefits of lithium battery market, but also enrich product cultural connotation, enhance market competitiveness, and promote farmers' income

the competition hired senior designers, agricultural experts from the Municipal Agricultural Committee, the Municipal Bureau of agriculture and the Municipal Academy of Agricultural Sciences to form an expert review group. After several rounds of comprehensive evaluation and scoring on the product packaging concept, packaging quality, commodity information transmission function and artistry, the expert group finally selected 4 best packaging designs and 9 excellent packaging designs. "Shunlunong" brand edible fungus, "shunlixin" brand cherry, "Baxi" brand ice cream, Niulanshan brand wine packaging box, etc. won the best packaging award in grain and vegetable, fruit, animal husbandry and aquatic products, and processing

information source: Qianlong news

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