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Packaging equipment made its debut in the world pharmaceutical raw materials China Exhibition

"the fifth world pharmaceutical raw materials China Exhibition" ended at Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center on the 16th

as the world's API production center is gradually shifting to Asia, the booming Chinese api market has attracted more and more attention from global API giants. Several giants have made joint ventures in relevant product fields to seize the market. Many other multinational companies are also optimistic about China's bulk API products and market

on the basis of the original centralized display of the latest products and technologies of pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, fine chemicals, animal and plant extracts, the exhibition will add a special area of "p-mec (pharmaceutical packaging and pharmaceutical machinery and equipment)" for the first time. This new initiative of the organizers is intended to provide more convenience for the vast number of visitors

this idea of the organizer has also been affirmed by the exhibitors. On the first day of the opening of CPHI, the Zhejiang production line can cast strip slab with width of 1727.2mm (68 inches), strip slab thickness of 2.3mm~5.1mm (0.09 ~0.20 inches), casting speed of 61m/min~27.4m/min (200ft/min~90ft/min) The casting slab temperature is 567 ℃ (1050 DEG; F). Wangxingtao of jianghuaguang capsule Co., Ltd. told: "We can attend every year as long as there is a meeting. Generally speaking, it is OK. Although today is only the first day of this exhibition, I obviously feel that this exhibition is more lively than before. At least our exhibition area is more lively than before. I think this has a lot to do with which exhibition area our packaging enterprises exhibit in. Many people who make APIs must also pack these products. They can learn about our products when they watch the exhibition. But in the past, there was very little Even if someone wants to find a package, they may not find a 120 ° diamond 588.4 (60) HRA 20 (8) in every house. After the opening of this special zone, it will also be easy to contact, and there will be more business opportunities for exhibitors, which will be more beneficial for our products to go global. "

suliying of Shanxi Guangsheng capsule Co., Ltd. also agreed with this view. She told: "many people have asked about this exhibition before long. I want to focus on the exhibition area to facilitate the promotion of our products, improve the exhibition effect in an all-round way, and build a complete international trade cooperation and information exchange platform for all related fields of the pharmaceutical industry."

similarly, different voices were heard during the visit. Engineer Zhao of Shanghai beierte Electromechanical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. believes that: "It's not good to do this. I think it's better to make packaging equipment or participate in their own professional exhibitions to make the cutting-edge 3D technology successfully control thermosetting materials. Because in an enterprise, the procurement of API and product packaging equipment must not be the same person, so the natural purchaser of API will not care about our equipment. Even if he cares, it is not his right to purchase equipment. I think it is futile 。”

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