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Packaging design integrates Chinese traditional folk art. The precious culture and unique style formed by Chinese traditional folk art have a significant impact on today's packaging design. Folk art has been spread among the people throughout the ages, serving the lives of the working people, and the artistic style loved by the working people is reflected in the packaging design

1. the application of paper-cut art, shadow play art and New Year picture art in packaging and decoration design

as we all know, paper-cut art, shadow play art and New Year picture art are two-dimensional plane expression art forms, which have a wide range of applications and flexible application methods, and are art forms with strong vitality. For example, the paper-cut art in the South and north of China can express all kinds of joys and sorrows in life through a pair of scissors and a piece of paper, and experience the creator's thoughts and feelings in the concise composition and modeling. Shadow play art is a unique folk performance art in China. Different from paper-cut art, it can produce strong performance effects through the influence of lines. The art of New Year pictures is very popular in China. The representative areas include Yangliuqing in Tianjin and Taohuawu in Suzhou, which are the carriers for people to praise heroes and pray for peace. The life of the working people is the fertile soil for the growth of these art forms. It comes from life, so it has a strong flavor of life. By refining the elements of this traditional folk art style and reasonably applying them to the rules of formal beauty, the specific performance is to deepen and highlight on the basis of conforming to the theme. In the process of circulation, the packaging of commodities has become an effective carrier of culture. More and more packaging designers have realized the importance of folk art, which is an art form that can deeply express the content and resonate

2. the use of clay sculpture art and ceramic art in the design of packaging containers

Folk Clay sculpture art used to be mostly children's toys, with simple shapes and rough colors, but without losing the artistic characteristics of flamboyance, which can fully reflect the characteristics of the object of expression, and exaggeration is full of childlike fun. Ceramic art is the quintessence of China's art. Whether it is celadon or white porcelain, it reflects China's ancient and exquisite porcelain making technology. In modern packaging design, the patterns on clay sculptures and ceramic vessels are cleverly applied not only to the outer packaging, but also to the packaging of container design, so that this "return complex" can be highlighted and implemented. This return complex is a call for traditional culture and folk art style, not only for people who understand local culture, but also for coping with the impact of foreign culture. It should be clearly recognized that this return is not the imitation and reproduction of "tradition", but the use of traditional formal symbols to express the packaging design style with new materials, new technologies and new ways

the specific expression of traditional folk style in packaging design is the effective utilization of traditional cultural elements and the reform to meet the needs of the market and the requirements of the times. More importantly, under the macro observation, we adopt and absorb the folk art elements in a micro and detailed way, turning the abstract into the concrete and the inorganic into the organic

3. The introduction of traditional cultural elements in packaging design has certain historical and cultural significance

the culture of any nation is an inseparable part of the world culture. Although each country is in different geographical environment, climate, cultural traditions, customs and social economy, the national styles of different countries have emerged, and it is these differences that form a beautiful world family, It is not only a symbol of distinction, but also a profound cultural brand

in today's social and economic tide, the circulation speed of commodities is very fast, and the elimination speed is also very fast. If products want to succeed in marketing, it is not enough to simply rely on their own excellence. In packaging design, traditional folk art is skillfully used as the design element of commodity packaging, combined with modern science and technology, and integrated into the expression form of modern design, so that the use value of traditional folk art can be further sublimated, Make the commodity packaging have a strong sense of the times and nationality, fully display the personality characteristics of the commodity brand, and play a positive role in promoting the circulation and sales of commodities

packaging design has its own unique art form. It conveys product information to consumers through visual communication elements. This information reflects the basic situation and use characteristics of the product. In addition, it also reflects the designer's ideas, the expressed design culture and the design Erdogan lock winning style. It should be highly unified in appearance and connotation. Folk art provides such a broad stage for designers. Many excellent packaging design works are still remembered by people after many years. The main reason is that designers have grasped the emotional needs of consumers' hearts. Therefore, the interpretation of the artistic conception of packaging design is the refinement of the designer's own emotions and the re creation of artistic images

the analysis of the application of traditional folk art in packaging design has brought us a lot of enlightenment. It not only requires the designers' own artistic cultivation, but also requires the designers to care about the consumers, the society and the evolution of the development trend of international design trends. Only in this way can we design works with certain creativity and influence, visualize and popularize China's traditional folk art, and then achieve the effect of assimilation, Part of achieving strong appeal effect and promotion effect cannot be fully separated. The rational use of traditional folk art is a creative channel, but it is not the only one. The packaging design is originally about the molding temperature of altllc's environment-friendly 3D printing materials: 290 ⑶ 50 ℃, which requires the designer to comprehensively apply graphics, text, color and arrangement to the packaging screen, so that it has a certain logic and display function, and can make people see things and think about things. Therefore, no matter what form of creation or design channels, they should be combined with the national culture and art; Combine with people's emotions and hearts, communicate with marketing, and communicate with consumer culture

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