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Packaging enterprises can only occupy the front end of the industry if they choose to transform actively

the transformation process is full of variables. In the face of customers with different forms of interconnection, how to adjust the business strategy to complete the product packaging design for customers has become the key to the success of the transformation

therefore, we investigated the packaging industry and found that the packaging industry has not declined under the impact of the Internet, but the packaging enterprises are facing problems such as unreasonable industry layout and overcapacity, and the whole industry is facing the crisis of transformation

at present, packaging enterprises are facing a strange circle of polarization, and transformation has become the key to the survival of enterprises. Linhua, President of Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association, said

it is said that enterprises can only occupy the front end of the industry by taking the initiative to choose transformation.

yesterday, creeper visited Heshang Town, Xiaoshan District. Heshang Town, known as a famous packaging town in China, once had more than 200 packaging enterprises. Under the plight of increasingly strict environmental protection policies, rising raw material prices and smaller and smaller profit margins, a number of small and micro packaging enterprises encountered the same problems as Hangzhou Riyue gift box packaging Co., Ltd., and nearly 100 small and micro packaging enterprises closed down

however, in the cold current, some enterprises have firmly grasped the window period of transformation. Our products are not cheap. When bidding for the packaging of sharp LED lampshade, our bid price was more than twice that of other enterprises, but we still got an order of more than 1 million sets at once. Xuweijian, chairman of Zhejiang Huahua Digital Printing Co., Ltd., said to

this Hangzhou good company that we have reported has an annual sales volume of over 100million yuan. Behind its packaging products, there are many famous international brands

xuweijian said that unlike other packaging enterprises, we do not fight for scale and price. Pan Xuezhu said that we rely on a fine liquid crystal rubber tensile testing machine. How can we test the rubber strength? Please see the introduction bar standards and services below

our products are not available to ordinary enterprises. Xuweijian said that Chinese digital has owned more than 20 patents and participated in the drafting of two industry standards

the packaging business of Chinese digital is not plain sailing. After encountering the industry price war, it has taken the initiative to choose transformation. At present, it has become a packaging enterprise integrating design, production, printing, assembly and logistics, occupying the high end of the industrial chain

it is said that the entry threshold of the industry is also low.

the industry segmentation can usher in new business opportunities.

the packaging industry has not declined, and the packaging industry under the industry segmentation has not attracted much attention. However, some small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhejiang have quietly expanded this industry and become the leader of the domestic industry. Linhua, President of Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association, said that the packaging industry is an all inclusive industry, and the packaging industry is a sunrise industry

at present, the packaging industry is mainly divided into paper packaging, plastic packaging, packaging and printing, metal packaging, machinery manufacturing, glass packaging, bamboo and wood packaging and other packaging industries

the impact of Internet by many packaging enterprises has actually opened up a new business opportunity in the packaging industry. Taking the paper packaging industry as an example, the sudden rise of purchasing has directly brought about the growth of corrugated box output. The annual output of corrugated paper in China is more than 40 billion square meters, making it the world's largest producer

corrugated boxes with higher strength and exquisite printing are increasingly appearing directly on the shelves of shopping malls and supermarkets, which has also opened a big market for Zhejiang packaging industry

more packaging enterprises are no longer satisfied with simple production and processing according to customers' needs, but tend to provide customers with overall packaging solutions. The corrugated box industry in Zhejiang Province is in the leading position in the country. Large enterprises such as Shengda packaging in Heshang Town, Jingxing paper and Shangfeng packaging all have their own design centers and testing equipment, and design different decorations according to different products Packaging with different structural strength. China Bao Ru Tu: said zhangyaoquan, vice president of the Fashion Federation

therefore, zhangyaoquan believes that in the past, the positioning of the packaging industry was manufacturing, but now the packaging industry is a sunrise industry integrating manufacturing and service industries

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