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The packaging entrepreneur Symposium of China Packaging Association was held in Beijing. The front row from left to right is: Han Jiazeng, Shi Wanpeng, Shan Chunchang, Nanchang Ming. We will further do a good job in serving packaging enterprises, help enterprises solve difficult problems in development, and build a fair and standardized market environment. Yesterday, leaders of China Packaging Association and representatives of packaging entrepreneurs held a symposium in Beijing for in-depth discussion on the above topics

hanjiazeng, vice president of China Packaging Association, presided over the entrepreneur Symposium of China Packaging Association. Shiwanpeng, deputy director of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC, Shan Chunchang, deputy director of the State Administration of work safety, and kesichuang, general manager of China Packaging Corporation, also used polyurethane + carbon fiber as body materials. Nanchang Ming, vice president, President and Secretary General of China Packaging Association, Qian Jin and other leaders attended the symposium. More than 30 entrepreneurs from the paper, plastic, metal and other major packaging products industries attended the symposium

entrepreneurs reflect the irregular market, disorderly competition, blind development of the industry Please log in DuPont station for specific contact information "Generally, I don't remember to bring a plastic bag for inquiry when I go out: the lack of investment in research and development funds and the resulting further reduction of corporate profit space are related to the healthy development of the industry. I hope the association can play its due role, enhance its service function, and closely integrate its work with the needs of enterprises.

Shi Wanpeng said at the symposium that good service is the main task of the association in the future, and the service work has been done well, Only when the association has vitality can the road be wider and wider. It is hoped that the more practical the problems reflected by the enterprises, the better. At the same time, it is hoped that the enterprises will help the association to carry out more investigation and research, find out the crux of the difficult problems, and come up with specific suggestions to solve the problems. He said that the association will do its utmost to support the development of enterprises with standardized operation, and take measures and formulate policies to eliminate poor and old production equipment. On behalf of the enterprises, the association will coordinate the relations in all aspects, actively reflect the common problems faced by the enterprises to the competent government departments, put forward suggestions to solve the problems, and make efforts with the enterprises to build a fair and standardized market competition environment

jinxiangzuo, the project leader of the sub Contracting Center, introduced the operation of the sub Contracting Center project. He said that the sub package center project has received the full support of the Hangzhou municipal and Zhejiang provincial governments, as well as the strong assistance of the sub package alliance and the world package alliance. A number of packaging enterprises have applied to settle in the sub package center and will soon establish the sub package Center Service Co., Ltd

as for the issue of the association serving enterprises well, entrepreneur representatives believe that the association should first do a good job in the communication between upstream and downstream enterprises and between the association and relevant associations, and establish a regular information release system. During the discussion, enterprise representatives proposed that the standardized packaging enterprises are not afraid of the poor sensitivity of the market competition index under fair conditions. They hope that China Packaging Association can cooperate with relevant departments to make a difference in cleaning up the market, such as strict production license system, organizing and recommending high-quality packaging products. The association should consider the development of the industry from the height of the entire industrial chain, and come forward to organize industry price coordination, Including coordinating the interest relationship between upstream and downstream enterprises and creating an atmosphere of win-win and common development

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