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Construction delays often occur in the process of decoration construction. Most of these phenomena are caused by improper process arrangement, unreasonable decoration scheme, construction technology problems and other factors. How to prepare for a rainy day before decoration? Let's take a look at the method of refusing to postpone the decoration

first, the decoration delay is annoying. Common reasons count

during the peak decoration season, many families hope to live in new houses before the end of the year. However, the fact is not optimistic. Many of them should have been completed. Due to various reasons, the completion time is far away. Let's take a look at the common reasons for the delay of decoration. Knowing these reasons, we may be able to avoid many detours and unnecessary troubles

1. Unreasonable process arrangement or worker allocation

decoration is a relatively complex project, which requires the integration of various resources to achieve the integration of design, construction and home configuration. In this process, the things that need to be done are trivial and complex, which requires the decoration company to have excellent management ability. Many decoration delay projects stem from many home decoration companies' one-sided pursuit of orders without a reasonable analysis of their scheduling ability for construction, installation, etc., which finally leads to the disconnection of many projects from the agreement in the implementation

2. The decoration scheme keeps changing

after the construction starts, the continuous change of the decoration design scheme is also a major reason for the decoration delay. Among them, some changes are not confirmed clearly by the owner in the early stage, and they are not required to be changed until after construction; There may also be decoration companies to increase the budget, designers or construction teams for various reasons

3. The main materials failed to enter the site on time

now many owners choose the half package decoration method. The decoration company is responsible for the construction and basic auxiliary materials, while the main materials need to be purchased by the owners themselves. If the main materials are not mobilized on time, the construction time may have to be postponed. In addition, the decoration workers may continue to delay the construction period due to the disruption of the schedule

4. The acceptance is not on time or the project payment is not settled in time

in the decoration, some projects such as hydropower projects require the owner to conduct acceptance before the next construction. Many times, because the owner is very busy, he has no way to go to the site to sign for confirmation during the acceptance, so the acceptance time will be postponed; In addition, the payment method of some decoration projects is installment payment. If the owner fails to settle the phased project payment in time, the construction may be suspended, resulting in the delay of decoration

5. Rework caused by substandard construction quality

in the decoration, the owner found that the construction party shoddy, and will require re rectification when the acceptance is unqualified. Therefore, it will inevitably cause time delay and affect other processes or types of work

second, make decoration planning in advance to prevent decoration delay

many owners who are ready to move into their new home have begun to count their fingers and dates to ensure that they can move into their new house on time. However, the decoration delay is indeed a common phenomenon, and the impact of the decoration delay is unbearable for the owners in terms of time, economy and spirit. We have learned the reasons for the delay of decoration. In order to prevent the delay of decoration, we should take corresponding countermeasures

1. Do not blindly choose a professional decoration company

if the owner is in a hurry to move into his new house, he may choose a decoration company that promises a short construction period to construct, which is mixed with many bad construction teams. In order to sign the bill, he will still promise if he can't do it, and then find various reasons to ask the owner to sign the decoration extension order during the construction process, or the construction is sloppy and doesn't pay attention to the decoration quality. Therefore, it is suggested that the decoration should not be blindly fast. It is best to choose a more professional decoration company with good reputation, and the timely extension will not be too long

pre decoration planning preparation

(1) before the decoration starts, greet the neighbors and go through the property decoration procedures in advance

(2) communicate fully and thoroughly with the decoration designer to completely determine the decoration plan. Once the plan is finalized, do not change it easily

(3) do a good job of market research, determine the grade and style of decoration materials, and try to order building materials in advance to ensure that materials can enter the site on time

(4) communicate the design scheme and precautions with the construction party to ensure that the information of demand, design scheme and construction execution is symmetrical as far as possible

in order to avoid the delay of decoration caused by the situation during the construction period, the owner must make a detailed plan for this decoration. Dredge and communicate well in all aspects, and plan the work arrangement properly. Specifically, we need to do the following points in advance

2. Timely acceptance and settlement of project funds

after the decoration starts, if there are some projects that need the owner's acceptance and signature, the owner had better reasonably arrange the time to prevent delay. In addition, it is also necessary to prepare the project funds to prevent work stoppage caused by the failure to pay the project funds in time

3. When signing the contract, specify the delivery time and claim settlement terms

for the delivery time of home decoration project, the contract agreement between Party A and Party B shall prevail. If you don't want to be delayed and have no way to complain, you must indicate the specific amount of default and detailed rules in the contract terms, and then strictly follow the contract. Generally speaking, for the reference of liquidated damages, the owner can consult the situation of regular companies in the city, and then judge whether the selected decoration company gives the proportion of liquidated damages that is relatively in line with the interests of both parties in the contract

precautions for contract signing: it is necessary to remind the owner that when signing the contract with the construction unit, it is necessary to sign the liability for breach of contract and related compensation liabilities. It is best to determine the specific amount of liquidated damages to be paid every day. If it is filled in according to the ratio of the total project price, it is best to calculate the specific amount converted into each day. If the amount of liquidated damages is too small, it may not achieve the effect of restraint

third, the decoration delay is a foregone conclusion. The solution must know that no matter who you are, you will not want to delay the decoration of your house, but the actual delay is common, and it is rare not to delay. Therefore, we need to be mentally prepared. When we really face the problem of decoration delay, how should we solve it

1. First distinguish the reasons for the decoration delay and the responsible party

to solve the problem, we must first analyze the reasons, that is, we must first analyze the reasons for the delay. This is a step that must be fully clarified, because it relates to the responsibility. We should see clearly the reasons for the delay of the decoration company and whether it is caused by its own reasons

breach of contract by the owner: the owner fails to complete the corresponding work as agreed, fails to timely provide materials for mobilization, or materials have quality problems, fails to timely accept and sign, and fails to perform the contract and pay the project payment on time

breach of contract by the decoration company: the decoration construction unit fails to start construction on schedule, stops work for no reason, and rework or rectification caused by quality problems of materials provided, resulting in the delay of decoration

2. Act according to the contract

if the decoration delay is caused by the decoration company, the owner should act according to the contract and strive for his own legitimate rights and interests

the contract specifies the compensation for decoration delay: if the contract signed for decoration indicates the specific amount of breach of contract and detailed rules, it shall be implemented in strict accordance with the contract

the contract does not specify the compensation for decoration delay: when the decoration company signs the contract with the owner, sometimes it often deliberately ignores the decoration delay. If there is a delay, the decoration company may deny it and will not pay compensation. However, this situation can also be solved through negotiation, third-party adjustment or litigation

supplementary contract: for the foreseeable decoration delay, if it is determined that the construction period is delayed due to the construction party, and there is no delay breach clause in the contract, the owner can make up for it and sign a supplementary contract to add the delay compensation clause





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