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Foshan door and window manufacturer www.yidunmc COM in order to expand the market, it has not satisfied the process of original accumulation of capital. Now it starts to aim at the market of franchise investment, expand market channels, and improve profitability.

aluminum doors and windows franchise don't just focus on brands, but clear their own positioning.

the domestic population is large, and the building materials market will never lack rigid demand. Www.yidunmc In order to expand the market, com is no longer satisfied with the process of original accumulation of capital. Now it begins to aim at the market of franchise investment to expand market channels and improve profitability. In the investment market of aluminum alloy doors and windows, some franchisees can quickly occupy the market and obtain rich investment returns; Some can only barely maintain the balance of revenue and expenditure; What's more, they lost everything

to avoid the risk of joining doors and windows, we must make good preparations before joining, which is the key to the success of doors and windows in the later stage

carefully review the joining conditions

at present, there are many kinds of aluminum alloy doors and windows brands in the building materials market, and the market competition is very fierce. In order to expand the distribution scope of the brand, many door and window brand manufacturers give many concessions on the conditions of brand alliance. For example, "1-year cost recovery", "model free" and so on, make investors think that the entry threshold is low, and they can obtain high returns without too much capital investment. Of course, there are not many mistakes in these conditions, but after all, the wool comes from the sheep, and there may be trap conditions in other aspects, so investors must carefully examine each joining condition. Only with a full understanding of the brands to be joined can agents explode in this information and choose real powerful and promising door and window brands

as Yidun doors and windows, which has won the title of top ten brands of doors and windows for six consecutive years, its brand strength and popularity are recognized by the industry, and it is one of the excellent optional enterprises for doors and windows to join

we must make clear our positioning

many franchisees have a misunderstanding, that is, they blindly advocate some door and window brands with great brand influence, but they do not find their own positioning. For example, how much money can you invest in your early stage, how big your shop is, and so on. As the saying goes, if you don't have such a big head, don't wear such a big hat. It's inappropriate. Especially for large brand door and window enterprises, their market layout has been relatively saturated, and it is likely that the same brand will compete for business. Moreover, they have clear requirements for the strength of franchisees, so it is difficult to enter

door and window agents must combine the local market reality, clarify the consumption habits and consumption ability of consumer groups, and combine these factors to find suitable door and window brands to join for long-term development

moreover, joining door and window brands is nothing more than profit-making. The initial investment is too large, or the positioning of consumer groups is not accurate, resulting in losses and putting the cart before the horse

in a word, investors should calmly and carefully analyze the consumption structure and market situation of the target market, select the appropriate door and window enterprises to join, and formulate a long-term plan, down-to-earth, step by step




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