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Review of past hot spots | top ten brands of Chinese plate reappear in the Jianghu

review of past hot spots | top ten brands of Chinese plate reappear in the Jianghu. The annual national network selection activity of top ten brands of Chinese plate is about to start again. Brand honor is also a manifestation of enterprise strength and a factor we can take into account when buying. Because of the blessing of honor, this is the best proof of credibility. A credible brand is the trust of the industry and the affirmation of consumers. This honor can include brand advertising, industry awards, brand events, brand public welfare, etc

today, let's review the list of the top ten Chinese plate brands in 2017

Shanghai Huagang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive supplier of interior decoration materials integrating production and sales. Since its establishment in 2000, it has gradually built a mature and perfect supply chain system. After 17 years of development, the company has developed from a single home decoration furniture boutique/wood products to a diversified group enterprise in the fields of decorative materials, smart home, whole house customization and so on. In 2011, the company established its own brand "fine craftsman". Since its establishment, fine craftsman has always been synonymous with health, environmental protection and high quality. Industrial chain coverage: a complete industrial chain of home flooring, wood-based panels, wardrobes, wooden doors, home supporting hardware, smart lines, whole house customization and other categories, and the product sales network covers all parts of the country. It has won the honorary titles of China's top ten plate brands, China's top ten plate brands, and national brands in the building materials industry for many times

in 2018, China's top ten brand fine wood craftsmen will vigorously promote a new model: whole house easy to install +

What are the advantages of whole house easy to install +? We might as well get to know it together

the whole house of fine craftsman is easy to install + it has the advantages of material environmental protection, design, processing and installation

1. All the boards that can be easily installed in the whole house of fine craftsman are fine craftsman's environmental protection E0 grade boards, which are solid wood inner cores. Bid farewell to solid wood particle boards, and welcome real "wood" solid materials. The boards are environmentally friendly and high-quality, and are the preferred materials for home decoration cabinets

2. Refined wood craftsman's whole house easy-to-wear has a series of standard combination schemes of professionally designed whole house customized cabinets. Hundreds of cabinet types can be selected in six styles: American light luxury style, northern European extremely simple style, white simple European style, modern simple style, fashionable Chinese style style and healthy children style

3. Refined wood craftsman's whole house easy decoration is the standard output of standardized cabinet production, which is imported to the local designated factory for processing, cabinet molding, accessories assembly, systematization and flow, so as to ensure that the cabinet is faster and better! Shorten the decoration period of the owner - save time; Standardization reduces the error rate - it saves worry and money, and gives consumers an extraordinary decoration experience

4. The whole house of craftsman of fine materials has five free services: free measurement, free design, free drawing, free delivery and free installation

then, what services can Jingcai Yizhuang + provide for consumers

whole house easy decoration + mode:

1. Decoration style design: fine craftsman whole house easy decoration + provides you with "fine craftsman decoration tools". Consumers can choose their favorite house type in the fine craftsman decoration tools for simulated decoration. Experience the decoration effect in 720 ° 3D space

2. Home decoration material selection: materials for home decoration, refined materials, craftsmen, and easy decoration + can provide you, + what you want, + what you need

3. Decoration budget: fine craftsman can easily decorate the whole house + make the budget more transparent. What materials do you need and how many quantities do you need? Fine craftsman's decoration tools can be accurately calculated to avoid material surplus or waste

4. More guaranteed brand: as a first-line brand in China's plate industry, the company has set up an after-sales service team to provide free maintenance for the whole house's easy-to-wear products within three years. Therefore, the owner can safely use the whole house easy to install products without worrying about quality problems

5. Service advantage: refined craftsman, easy to dress in the whole house +? Buy today and install tomorrow, and implement two commitments + four services, that is, all the functional boards of easy to install modules in the whole house adopt E0 grade environmental protection base materials, and the hardware is guaranteed for life! As well as the four service advantages of convenient material selection, free design, free distribution and ready to install finished products, so as to better meet the needs of consumers

back to business, what are the remaining nine brands? You can understand it directly from the above figure

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