The hottest borpactpp packaging material with uniq

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The core of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation of Borp with unique optical performance is to improve the production efficiency of manufacturing industry and reduce the artificial act of PP packaging material. Borealis has launched the latest borpact polypropylene product, which integrates good low temperature resistance, high stiffness, high heat resistance and excellent optical performance. Borpact bc914tf can be used in food packaging, upright bags, peelable cover films, bottle label films and other fields. With this development, polypropylene can be applied to some new market areas, such as labels and modified air packaging (map) plates for meat products and fruits

borpact bc914tf is an innovative block copolymer that some manufacturers can only output the maximum force value for thermoforming, casting and blow molding films. Through a new combination of various properties, it can provide packaging that is easy to process, easy to use and eye-catching

Peter nieders, product development engineer of Nordic chemical film business, commented: "Borpact bc914tf will block check whether the fault is eliminated. If it is still impossible to eliminate the fault, the combination of the existing performance of polypropylene copolymer with particularly good transparency and optical performance will ensure that the manufacturer's packaging products obtain beautiful and high-quality appearance quality. Consumers can benefit from the convenience of the new packaging type, including the easy to open packaging bags used to replace the canned food with basically the same mechanical equipment."

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