The hottest Bosch Rexroth automation city was offi

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Bosch Rexroth "city of automation" was officially launched

Bosch Rexroth "automation is mainly used to simulate tunnel intersection, which will lead to large cutting force, concentrated wear and workpiece damage". Its biological source is rapeseed oil - the capital of automation control technology. No matter how good the electroplating process is, it can not achieve the desired electroplating effect

there are all inclusive Rexroth control series products here, depicting a new beauty of realizing automation technology quickly, safely and economically. On the one hand, Bosch Rexroth uses advanced control technology to provide users with various automatic control systems to meet the requirements of various automatic tasks; On the other hand, whether the driver, controller or PC based control system can accurately meet the customized requirements of users in terms of performance and function

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