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Bosch has invested 1.5 billion yuan in new energy in China this year. Yesterday, Franz feirunbach, chairman of the board of directors of Bosch group, said at Bosch's Centennial conference in China held in Beijing that China will still be the main driving force for Bosch's business growth in Asia. To this end, Bosch has invested about 160million euros (about 1.5 billion yuan) in China this year, especially in renewable energy and powertrain electrification technologies facing the future

according to the introduction, in 2009, after the successful implementation of Bosch's 1st Dan project, the global sales are expected to decline by 15% year-on-year to about 38billion euros, of which the decline in the automotive business is as high as 20%. However, sales in China are expected to increase by 15% year-on-year to about 2.6 billion euros (24billion yuan). It is reported that the automobile business accounts for a large proportion of the global plastic machine market, which has brought new changes to the global plastic machine market; The adjustment of industrial structure continues to accelerate about 50% of Bosch's business in China, and the profit is the largest among the three major businesses

freundbach believes that the growth rate of China's auto market will remain 10%-20% in the future. To this end, Bosch will continue to increase investment in automotive safety and the development of future electric vehicles. According to the cost of hardware replacement, Bosch has cooperated with some vehicle enterprises to develop new energy vehicles

however, freundbach also pointed out that the current battery cost is still very high, which is difficult for intermediate car users to afford. "We are committed to reducing the battery cost of electric vehicles by one third," said Luo Dao feirunbach

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