The hottest boss, the more leisure, the more money

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The highest level of the boss: the more leisure, the more money you make.

"work is done by people, and money is made by people. The more you work, the poorer you are, and the more you think, the richer you will be."

On December 3, Professor lihaijian, doctoral tutor of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, gave an academic report on "profits come from the system wealth creation mechanism" at Sun Yat sen University, giving a unique lecture to the students attending the 2005 annual meeting forum of the Alumni Association of the MBA advanced research class of the school of higher continuing education of Sun Yat sen University

money comes from thinking about it

many people like to be bosses, but they are all small bosses, and the boss always doesn't do much. Why not? I think to a certain extent, if an enterprise wants to be bigger and stronger, the boss' consciousness must go to a new level. Modern enterprises must break through the lock-in of thinking. At each stage of enterprise development, they must use the ideas and thoughts of one stage. For example, a million yuan profit requires a million yuan ideological realm; Tens of millions of yuan of profit requires tens of millions of yuan of ideological realm; A profit of billion yuan requires an ideological realm of billion yuan, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve a breakthrough. Moreover, this breakthrough does not take a long time, but the steel plant temporarily takes a cautious wait-and-see attitude towards the demand for coke price adjustment

in real life, is it easy to make big money or small money? I think it's easy to make big money, but hard to make small money. It is difficult for enterprises at present, but it will be easier when they become bigger. Work is done by people, money is thought out by people. The poorer the people who work, the richer the people who think. This is the different environment for wealth creation in today's era. In western countries, the more we play, the more we get rich. As a world factory, including the Pearl River Delta, we think we can't do without a little money. What we really earn is hard work and hard-earned money. Others are thinking and setting standards

I, who have no money, am teaching rich people how to make money because the wealth mechanism in modern society has changed. Wealth comes from ideas, and scholarly people have ideas. A new idea is a new currency, and a new idea is a new wealth. In today's society, it is difficult to make money without ideas, new ideas and new innovations. Some business owners say that they will not "play" after making a lot of money, that is, the source of profits has changed. If our spiritual world takes a small step forward, the enterprise can take a big step forward. In practice, our breakthroughs in material and profit come from our brain and our thoughts. If the idea can not achieve a breakthrough, then the money will not come back. There is a good saying, emancipating the mind, gold million Liang; Emancipation of the mind means ten thousand liang of gold, so money is emancipated from the mind. In the past, Guangdong may have taught others how to teach others, but now it is not. Compared with Zhejiang, Guangdong's development in recent years still lags behind, for example, in terms of philosophy. Thought creates wealth, but it is not enough if it is empty. We should materialize it into a system, a system, and let the system operate

four kinds of labor and five ways to make money

no profit, no enterprise, no survival value. At present, according to the current situation in China, there are no more than three kinds of situations between enterprises and bosses: the first is hard work without making money. Bosses and employees work overtime day and night, and such enterprises are not in the minority in China; The second is that the harder you work, the harder you earn. The boss who can achieve this state is quite good, but he has been trapped by money and runs counter to human nature. The ultimate goal of life is leisure, entertainment and play. Such enterprises account for 30-40% in China; Third, the more leisure, the more money, the more leisure. Make a lot of money at leisure, and make a lot of money at leisure. The money of the poor is used for shopping, the money of the middle class is used for building factories, etc., while the money of the rich is used for study and leisure. Up to now, the traditional three industries have been unable to meet the demand for making money. After development, the experience economy has been separated from the service industry and has become a major industry on the agenda

in the current market economy, I think there are four kinds of labor. If the change-over switch is turned to the "fast back" position, the first is one-time income, such as civil servants, workers, etc. the boss will never do this kind of labor for manufacturing enterprises with independent innovation ability, market development ability and scientific management ability; The second kind is one-time labor with multiple incomes, such as the boss; The third is the lifetime income from one-time labor, such as a patent, a brand, etc; The fourth is the income of multiple generations from one labor. In these four labor situations, the boss should choose the latter three situations, which is related to the strategic management implemented by the boss. A hard work is more than a harvest. This is the breakthrough stage to achieve the strategic turning point. From working hard in the past to working smarter now, we can achieve one-time input and multiple outputs, lifetime output and multi generation output. We hope that everyone can be a "parasite" and finally reach the highest level of "getting something for nothing"

at present, there are five ways to make money: the first is to make money standing and using hard work; The second is to make money by sitting and making money by operating labor; The third is to make money by lying down and using intangible capital; The fourth is to make money by sleeping and using the system; The fifth is to make money by playing and using the system

the boss is the person who plans the situation. Once the situation is well planned, the system and system will be established. For example, Mao Zedong is the greatest militarist, but as a militarist, he never shoots a gun and has never been injured in so many wars. For him, this is planning the situation. He is building the system and system. For the current big boss, it is necessary to plan for the situation. Building a big structure and system can make a lot of money. The No. 1 person considers the structure, the system and the system. He is in the highest position of "doing nothing and doing nothing" and focuses on making the situation better; The No. 2 person refers to a team that does everything personally, makes a difference, and focuses on doing things well. In short, the No. 1 person is the way of heaven and the way of Lao Zhuang; The No. 2 figure is humanity and the way of Confucius and Mencius

system is the ultimate way to solve problems

profits come from the system, which is a good witness in western countries. There are four principles: let capable people work for you, capital, system and system. The able man is above, the wise man is on the side, and the idle man is below. System is the fundamental way to solve the problem, so it is necessary to build a competitive system. At the same time, we should simplify complex problems, quantify simple problems, program quantitative problems, and systematize procedural problems. As for the new barrel theory that we are all familiar with, we can get four understandings: do long but not short, do some but not surface, do deep but not shallow, and do fast but not slow. This requires us to build a competitive system

at the same time, we also need to replicate a competitive system to realize replication and re replication. After unlimited replication, the cost will eventually become zero. This is the process from capital operation to virtual operation. At present, there are two ways to become an enterprise. One is to become an enterprise based on the enterprise, and the other is to jump out of the enterprise to become an enterprise. For example, Changyu Wine Co., Ltd. has established a winery to realize the experience economy. Therefore, we should integrate into a larger system, a more, larger, better and stronger system. (end)

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