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Paula will organize label day activities during the European label exhibition

at the Labelexpo Europe 2013 exhibition held on September, Paula company organized label days 2013 (label day) activities. Customers participating in the activities had the opportunity to visit the Hofheim headquarters of Paula company to learn about Paula's latest products in label production

at the same time, they can also see the tetrahedral cutting and die-cutting system for label production, as well as the relevant equipment for safe printing. The key products recommended in this activity include:

label systems dc-11 and dc-11plus

Paula's label system dc-11 and dc-11plus provide highly automated line die-cutting label production, with the least number of workers, and can ensure that the cutting and die can not achieve the desired measurement effect and cut accurately. The processing capacity of label systems dc-11 is 960 packets/hour, while the processing speed of dc-11plus is increased by 37.5% to 1320 packets/hour

Paula label system sc-21

Paula label system sc-25

label system sc-25 has high production efficiency and more accurate cutting. Its maximum processing speed is 1560 packets/hour. This kind of equipment adopts modular design, which can produce labels of the minimum specification, and can also meet the personalized needs of different customers when purchasing the spring fatigue test machine by clicking the "curve display" button

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