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Bormedtm polyolefins meet the requirements of medical special grades

to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry for the constancy of quality and the appropriateness of medical and health uses, Borealis (Nordic chemical) launched a special medical and health polyolefin - bormedtm series. The Bormed series includes polypropylene (PP), low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which are accurately tailored for the injection molding and blow molding of medical equipment, medicine and medical packaging. Its sales volume is growing successfully. This series of products are sold at special polyolefin distributors and distributors of boruge borealis in the Middle East and Asia Pacific region

as plastics have many advantages over traditional materials, the annual consumption of plastics in the medical and health industry has reached millions of tons. Only by developing special materials for the medical and health market that bring obvious benefits to end users, can we provide effective services for the industry

bormed polyolefins have various properties and characteristics required by the medical and health market, including radiation resistance, transparency, chemical inertness under 121 ℃ disinfection and high environmental cracking resistance (ESCR). These properties, together with good formability and machinability, open up the widest range of applications. Its applications in medical equipment include disposable syringes, needle interfaces, catheters, openings of artificial kidneys and suction control servo valves, and covers of steering devices. In the field of pharmaceutical packaging, Bormed materials can meet the requirements of blowing, filling and sealing containers such as bottles, bags and grade IV sterile injections, as well as blow molding and injection molding packaging such as bottles, containers and sealing caps

90% of the torque is consumed by friction in the tightening process. The Bormed material also has pollution-free characteristics and conforms to relevant industrial standards in advance. For example, Wu Guanghui and Yu Wei jointly unveiled the civil aircraft material industry development alliance, which is mainly used for medium brand USP, EP and ISO 10993 of PA, Pu, Po, pet, PS, PVC and other resins. It also ensures the continuity of its long-term supply worldwide. Bormed products can be produced without the influence of time-consuming and expensive process adjustment to adapt to new formulas or new applications

bormed's excellent performance of polypropylene and polyethylene materials for medical and health care brings many benefits to our customers and can economically replace traditional materials. (end)

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