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Borble company used a subsidy of 75000 pounds to invest in new printing equipment

the professional label digital printing enterprise bor is increasing by more than 12% every year. Recently, the top official representative of Wales was attracted and explained to them how the enterprise invested with a government subsidy of 75000 pounds

ieuan Wyn Jones, Chief Deputy Minister of Wales and Minister of environment and transport of Wales, recently visited the factory in ryhl, Wales, and visited the company's new order system. With the help of the single investment fund plan, borble purchased the second Xeikon digital label printer through government subsidies during the worst economic downturn. This digital printer makes up for the current productivity of the company's original xeikon330 digital printer. 9. Power supply of the pressure control system: AC220V, 1.5KW

north Wales, where borble is located, has been designated as an economic revitalization area by the European Union. Thanks to this, borble has received this subsidy

minister Jones affirmed borble's decision. He believes that it is very good for enterprises to invest in advanced technology, train new skills of employees, and help the common development of other areas of Welsh economy

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