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Bora dairy products design

● Design Overview:

this design aims to provide new packaging series for dairy products such as milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt and dense sugar. This product should emphasize the fresh and natural taste of the product, and can easily be regarded as a unique group in different classification areas of the supermarket to attract customers. As it is sold through exclusive stores, it also requires packaging bags and refrigerated containers. This design was introduced in 1992, and market research shows that it has been widely recognized by the public

the design is mainly based on the black-and-white pattern of Jersey dairy cattle, with green (symbolizing new, fresh and grassland) as the main auxiliary color, plus other heavy colors representing different varieties of this series of products. The goods on the shelves are labeled on the edge of the main reason for the generation of foam. The products (such as ice cream) that can be finished within 60s by taking this kind of 3D pre forming process from the freezer are labeled with thick color on the top

● design analysis:

the black-and-white pattern of Jersey dairy cattle has recently been applied to the computer packaging box by gatwell 2000, a successful mail order company (the company's mail order business started from a farm, which in fact well shows the difference between short-term packaging and long-term packaging. Once the computer is opened, the computer packaging box will be thrown away or shelved, while the dairy packaging will always stay on the shelf or in the refrigerator until drinking and playing. The computer packaging box designed in white and green may be interesting, but it has no deep meaning. Instead, it uses rural scenery (black, white, green) the main colors of dairy packaging have different effects

● type: redesign of original products

● product: dairy products

● materials: printed cards and plastics

● specifications: different sizes

● time: 7 months

● content elements: bar code and company logo

● market object: adults

● sales method: internal store sales

● Keywords: fresh, farm Directness

● design purpose: the products must have an overall effect. Even if they are placed in different positions in the store or on the shelves at home, they should be easy to identify

● key design factors:

the new logo must organically link different types of products, and highlight its core logo "farm fresh" among the dazzling array of store goods

design: Tokyo Xiaogu Co., Ltd.

the customer sets up a new material R & D center: Tokyo Bora Co., Ltd.

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