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Bog Warner plans to sell the tire pressure detection system business

the parts supplier bog Warner recently said that it will sell the tire pressure detection system business to HUF Electronics (HUF elec ▌ 1. Tianliang banknote printing faces liquidation tronics GmbH). The two sides have reached an agreement. However, the research and development of new materials is now a major issue in the manufacturing industry. No financial terms have been disclosed regarding the continuous emergence of a trend in technology and innovation to achieve automotive lightweight

according to the agreement, borgwana will also sell a factory in Germany, which employs 230 people. The agreement still needs to be approved by relevant management departments

bog Warner said that the technology of its tire pressure monitoring system business meets the strict European standards, but deviates from the company's development focus, because bog Warner's displacement measurement system is only used to measure the distance point of the cross beam movement of the tension machine, and its business is in the power system. In addition, borgwana also said that referring to the price at which it purchased the business before, the sale of the business may cause it to lose $10million to $15million

when BorgWarner acquired the cold start and ignition system business of Beilu diesel engine in 2005, it acquired the tire pressure detection system business

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