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According to the different types of houses, the focus of decoration is also different. The new houses focus on the satisfaction of functional needs, such as storage, while the old houses focus on hardware renovation, such as water and electricity pipelines, while the small floor space is due to the small space, and the customized cost is inevitable. Knowing the key cost required for decoration clearly, you can use it flexibly in the allocation of budget, think carefully about your definition, and better complete the dream home style

1. Change the pre-sale house in advance to save costs

although the pre-sale house is less realistic than the new house, the pre-sale house has advantages in decoration that the new house does not have. The pre-sale house can save the water bill pipeline displacement cost incurred by the pattern change through the builder. Together with the building materials, the equipment is new, and the budget proposal is put on the wood storage

2. Newly built houses focus on functional decoration

if you want to save money in the decoration of new town houses, you should pay attention to it when buying a house. It is suggested that you should try to choose spatial fixed phones with patterns and moving lines that meet the living needs, which can save unnecessary demolition and pipeline replacement costs. How can decoration save money? On, free design budget quotation. Unless the equipment and building materials attached by the builder are poor and need to be replaced, the budget focus is still on functional projects such as woodwork storage

3. Old houses are mainly safety projects

old houses can be divided into house types of more than 10 years and less than 10 years. The decoration needs of old houses of less than 10 years can be evaluated according to the actual situation. For old houses of more than 10 years, residential safety is the priority, and water, electricity and pipelines should be completely updated. This cost will be more than other house types, which should be increased in the budget preparation

4. How much does it cost to customize the small Ping meter?

the number of small Ping meters is often the first consideration for newly married families or single men and women. Due to space competition, the number of small Ping meters is often high or mezzanine. Most of the budget costs are in the planning and design of stairs, mezzanine construction and storage space




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