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Believe that justice is never late! Although the road of safeguarding rights is long, yashilan has never let you down, and has always firmly safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of consumers

Xi'an "Mercedes Benz" incident

the video of a 4S store in Xi'an has become popular these days. A female car owner sat on the front hood of a red car in the 4S store and complained with a cry. At first glance, the first reaction of this picture was "a bitch making a scene in the 4S store". But after watching the whole video and understanding the cause, there was only a sigh: "in this world, if you don't want to be bullied, can you only be a 'bitch'?"

it turned out that the woman's family helped buy a Mercedes Benz worth 660000 to celebrate her birthday, but! It was only five minutes before she signed the bill to pick up the car. The engine leaked oil before the car left the door of the 4S store

"if I had talked about it, I wouldn't have done such a shameless thing. I'm sitting here now. I think you're ashamed, you know? But I can't help it."

"I am a culturally educated person and a graduate student, but this thing makes me feel that my decades of education has been greatly humiliated! I am too reasonable to be bullied by you."

Where is integrity and justice? of course, the 4S store soon gave her a satisfactory solution, and Xi'an market supervision and Administration Bureau has also been involved in the investigation

in the follow-up chat, she sighed helplessly: "what's the matter with this world? If I reason with you well, you'll play a rogue, I'll become a bitch, and the matter will be solved. Why do you want to turn a cultural person into a bitch?"

this may be the point that makes people feel ridiculous. When I reason with you, no one pays attention to you. Once the trouble went online, the problem was solved

but fortunately, the female car owner, with reasonable ideas and clear rights protection words, has received the support of many netizens. Believe that justice is never late! Although the road of safeguarding rights is long, yashilan has never let you down, and has always firmly safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of consumers

the trusted wall fabric brand

since 2007, 13 years of textile experience and ingenious weaving have made yasilan come to this day. Over the years, in order to enable our consumers to buy high-quality authentic yashilan wallcovering, we have been trying to be the leader of Wallcovering brand and the founder of the credibility era

nowadays, home furnishings are full of uneven enterprises and brands, which come and go faster, and rarely leave a deep memory in the hearts of consumers. Yashilan has been tested by time and the public. It has strict requirements for itself, made continuous progress to adapt to the environment, and adhered to the best quality, service and integrity. Therefore, it has also won many awards in the home furnishing industry

from carefully selected high-quality materials to 21 processes such as weaving, compounding, multiple shaping, mold resistance, nano, high temperature, five quality inspection processes ensure the quality of yasilan's wall fabric. We always believe that "quality is the cornerstone of enterprise development"

2019, Ashlan has always maintained its original intention, down-to-earth, and served every customer well. We go hand in hand to ensure after-sales service while pursuing quality. The golden cup and silver cup are not as good as the public praise. The excellent quality and service of yashilan seamless wallcovering will give you a beautiful home and make you comfortable to buy and use

BMW makes women cry in the car

Mercedes Benz makes women cry on the hood

choose yashilan seamless wallcovering

give you the most intimate care

yashilan seamless wallcovering always focuses on the perfect combination of the artistic needs of modern home life and China's Millennium fabric weaving skills, with art as the guide and process innovation as the support, creating a colorful bubble legend, inheriting jacquard classics, and creating embroidery brilliance, Promote the seamless wall cloth to the height of art, and provide diversified art wall cloth products for people who pursue quality life

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